Getting wine 3.0+ working on ubuntu 18.04

date: 7/21/2018

Wine stable on ubuntu 18.04 seems to have broken auto-fetching gecko, which can break many installers with EULAs.

You can see this happen with wine iexplore or such, you will get an error like

Could not load wine-gecko. HTML rendering will be disabled.
0009:err:mshtml:create_document_object Failed to init Gecko, returning CLASS_E_CLASSNOTAVAILABLE

I ran into it with diabloII installers not being able to show and accept EULAs.

The site has instructions explaining that the auto-installer would just grab the msis and plop em in the correct spot, which can also be done manually. Here's a quick and dirty on how to install wine and get gecko working:

  1. Install wine if you havent with sudo apt install wine-stable
  2. sudo mdkir /usr/share/wine/gecko && cd /usr/share/wine/gecko
  3. sudo wget
  4. sudo wget
  5. verify it works with wine iexplore

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